When your body needs adjusting, not your bike, I can confidently recommend these practitioners to you, and will refer you to them when I believe this will contribute to an optimal bike fit. We can also work collaboratively to achieve the best fit for you if musculoskeletal injury or issues are limiting factor in riding comfortably and effectively.

  • Grassroots Physical Therapy  385.226.548
    Esther Smith and her colleagues focus their attention on getting athletes going again on their own as soon as possible. Grassroots Physical Therapy is just down the street, across from the Sugarhouse post office in the Streamline Pilates building.
  • Pinnacle Performance 801.583.5692
    Pinnacle Performance under the leadership of Amy Broekemeier provide manual physical therapy and have an excellent reputation for improving body movement patterns that inhibit optimal functioning. They are conveniently located a few doors away, making it easier to have your PT contribute to your bike fit.
  • Ned Dowling, PT, University of Utah Orthopaedic Center, 801.587.7005
    Ned is an experienced cyclist, PT and Director of the Cyclists Clinic for the University of Utah Orthopaaedic Center. He is also an IBFI certified Level 2 bike fitter.
  • Steve Zike, Zike Muscle Therapy, 801.699.2470
    Steve is an active tri-athlete and a wizard at soft tissue manipulation to get the kinks out. If your body is hurting, and it's not because of your bike fit, give Steve a call.
  • Wayne Hansen, D.C, Canyon Sports and Spine, 801.449.0313
    Wayne is a chiropractor with a large tool bag of techniques, and experience with cyclists to speed recovery and rehab from accidents and other structural issues.
  • Melissa Zappa at Flow Acupuncture 385.242.0649
    Acupuncture treatment can work on a surprising range of issues and support other treatment protocols indepth one on one attention.
  • Dr Rick Henricksen at Kestrel Wellness is cyclist and primary care physician with a focus on providing personal, holistic health care.