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BikeFitr is located in Salt Lake City, and attracts cyclists not only from the immediate area and surrounding counties, but also the bordering states of Colorado, Nevada, Idaho and Wyoming. BikeFitr is the pro fitting studio of Fit Kit Systems, which supplies bike sizing and fitting tools and education to other bicycle retailers and fitters.

BikeFitr is an independent fitting studio and is not a subsidiary of a bike brand or other retail store. BikeFitr was established to offer a bike fitting service that focuses on achieving the most appropriate and effective bike-body relationship for you, the cyclist.  As a specialty business the primary focus in here is bike fitting and not repairs, coaching or some other occupation in which bike fitting is a sideline and secondary activity.  BikeFitr is Utah's premier bike fitting studio.

Hello, my name is John Higgins.  I have been cycling for 50 years and have direct experience with many different styles of bikes and riding including road, mountain and touring bikes.  I've been a regular bike commuter, a bikepacker and gravel grinder before they were a thing, and competitive racer on both road and mountain bikes.

However being an experienced and accomplished cyclist does not make one a bike fitter.  I was curious about the mysteries of bike fitting and jumped at an opportunity to commence learning about bike fitting in 2007 while working for a major bicycle retail chain.

I have worked with hundreds of riders, from teenagers to retirees, casual riders to competitors, commuters, tourers, racers (road, mountain, triathlon), and people with chronic neck, back and joint issues and injury history.  These cyclists are people who wanted to know what size bike to buy; wanted to ride but experienced too much discomfort; wanted to ride further / faster with less suffering; or just wanted to make sure their bike was optimized from the get-go.

In 2014 I established BikeFitr and in 2015 I became a co-owner and the manager of Fit Kit Systems, the bike fitting school that I originally trained with.  I now supply fitting equipment, systems, and education to other bike fitters and bicycle retailers around the globe.

As a member of the International Bike Fitting Institute I am committed to continuing to increase my bike fitting skills and maintain a high level of professional expertise. There are a lot of bike fitters touting their experience, but experience without ongoing education is just repetition.  I continually refine and develop my experience through learning more.

Bike Fitting Education

  • Fit Kit Systems: Level 1, 2 and 3 (2007 – 2014)
  • Medicine of Cycling: Bike Fit University, Colorado Springs: 2014, 2016, 2017
  • BikeFit: Foot-Pedal Interface 2015
  • Interbike: Fit Symposium, Las Vegas: 2015, 2016, 2017; Reno: 2018
  • International Cyclefit Symposium, Manchester, UK 2016
  • Slowtwitch Fit Institute (FIST certified), 2017
  • BikeFit: Level 1 and Level 2, 2018
  • International Symposium of Cycling Optimization, Munster, Germany 2018
  • Velogicfit: Introduction to 3D Bike Fitting, 2019
  • Cyclologic: Cycling Analysis Professional, 2020
  • Functional Movement Systems: FMS1
  • ISCO: Integrating LEOMO into Bike Fitting, 2020

International Bike Fitting Institute Level 3 certified.


Writing, Presenting and Teaching

I am a regular contributor to Cycling Utah, the regions #1 publication on all things bicycle, and have been an invited presenter on bike fit at bike industry tradeshows: Interbike (2017, 2018) and CABDA (2016, 2019). I also teach bike fitting to other people, through Fit Kit Systems.

You can find some of my articles here on the BikeFitr blog, and over on the Fit Kit Systems blog.

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