A bike fit often involves changing out one or more components to improve your comfort or function.

Saddles, stems, handlebars, aerobars, tri conversions, bar tape, cycling shoes, insoles, pedal spacers, and cleat shims are items I stock or can order in.

You can view some of the fit related items I have in stock HERE

Some of the products and brands I carry or can access are listed below

Saddles for Tri, Road and Mtb. Brands include: BiSaddle, Cobb, Ergon, ISM, Infinity, Prologo, Selle Anatomica, Selle SMP, Spank, Origin8, V-O2

Try out different saddles during the fitting process. I have more current model saddles than any other bike fitter in the state.

When we find one that you like you can borrow and ride the demo saddle while I order in a new one for you if it is not in stock.

Saddles vary in price from $40 to $300.

Road bars come in widths ranging from 36cm to 46cm and with different reach profiles. 

Tri bars have evolved a lot in design recently, and new bars offer far more fit adjustment than old bars.

Bars and stems from Zipp, Profile Design, Origin8.

Shockstop Suspension stems from Redshift.  Read shockstop stem reviews here.

What is a tri crankset?  One with shorter arms than commonly available, to allow for a more aero position without closing off your hip angle detrimentally. Options available from Cobb (now Speed and Comfort) and Rotor. A must have for height challenged triathletes wanting to get an optimal fit, but also used by tall athletes who like a high cadence.

Turning a road bike into a tri bike is a cost saving measure with a lot of compromise as the fit positions are very different.

The best way to do this is using the Redshift dual position seat post and quick release aerobars.

That way you can try some tris without buying a new bike and still be in a good position for both riding styles without needing tools or refitting.

Good quality cycling shoes that fit well in length AND width are important for your cycling enjoyment.

Lake Cycling Shoes are some of the best out there.  Using their specific measuring system I can order in a model of your choice which is guaranteed to be a great fit.

But if your foot needs support inside the shoe, it doesn't matter what shoes you have.  Enter the G8 Performance Insoles designed specifically for cyclists with custom fitted arch supports.

Some cyclists need adjustments to their pedaling stance or platform with cleat wedges or shims, or pedal extenders (spacers).

If you know what you need from a previous fit session, you can purchase wedges, shims or pedal extenders from online equipment supplier Fit Kit Systems, sister business to BikeFitr.