ShockStop Stem Reviews

Bike Rumor

I’m kicking myself for not installing this sooner.

“My first ride on the ShockStop was an eye opener. Benefits were immediately apparent; it took the edge off direct root impacts, even with the already forgiving … gravel tires taking the brunt of it. Dropping off curbs and nailing potholes yielded equally pleasing results … I have no plans to take it off.”

Peloton Magazine

“…we are believers.”

“Not only does the ShockStop work, it works as well or better than any current road or gravel suspension setup – and for a fraction of the cost without cluttering up the bike’s lines. It’s also compatible with any bike that uses a standard stem, making it one of the simplest and cheapest ways to add suspension to an existing platform”

Riding Gravel – Guitar Ted

This is a game changer…

“The Redshift Sports ShockStop stem is nothing like these components I have seen, handled, and ridden in the past. It is one of the rare stems that has a shock absorbing quality that actually seems to work and is a pleasure to ride.”

Bike Radar

“The ShockStop stem uses a combination of adjustable elastomers to offer a bit of flex that will take the edge off rough roads. The amount of ‘travel’ is dependent on the length, as well as the durometer of the elastomers.”

Red Kite Prayer

 “I’ve just finished a weekend of racing cyclocross – three races in three days, and I rode the bike with this stem all three days. My upper body is reasonably sore, but what I’m not experiencing is the nerve pain I’d expect from all the shock I delivered my neck from the great many bumps I hit. Call me a believer.”


Honestly, flat out 5/5, I think this is a GREAT bit of kit. Commuter, Sportives, Weekend Road Warrior everyone will likely benefit.”
“Basically if you’ve ever thought that you had a little too much road buzz on your bike, or wanted a more comfortable ride, the RedShift ShockStop is for you. I don’t think I’ve ever been quite so confident in giving out a TG 5-Star score before!”

New Atlas

Review: ShockStop Stem Smooths Rough Rides

“It certainly smoothed out the chatter that comes with using hard skinny tires on rough, damaged asphalt. On a long road ride or commute, that could go quite a ways towards reducing or even eliminating hand numbness.”