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Riding for a Fighting Chance

Damian came to see me for a bike fit late last year, enroute from Hong Kong to Sydney. Note that this fit was on a bike he competed in triathlons with 20 years ago! Here is his personal message, and some entertaining lessons and insights from a fundraising ride: the 2015 Tour de Chance to benefit

Hi John,Just wanted to let you know that I made it back from my 1100km ride from Brisbane to Sydney. Thanks for your help in getting my bike position all sorted. Apart from the expected aches and pains of riding bike for 130kms a day for 9 days, the set up was perfect.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>fighting chance  Thank you all so much for your support and generosity – it has been overwhelming to see the response I have received for this wonderful cause.

Together with the other riders we have raised in excess of AU$ 400,000 – a wonderful feat that will provide meaningful change to people with severe disabilities.

Personally it was an incredibly rewarding experience.

A few thoughts and highlights;
– beer beats gatorade
– meat pies are definitely not energy food
– whoever creates a viable tattoo removal process will become a very very rich man
– Bundaberg ginger beer is possibly better than wine!
– butt balm is a life saver
– the tour was a ride not a race; however put 22 men together and they will still manage to create a reason to have a race each day
– the Pacific Highway is a disgrace
– Climbing hills is a light mans game
. Most importantly I spent quite a lot of time with Jordan O’Reilly and several of the team from Fighting Chance. The opportunities that Fighting Chance is creating for young people with disabilities is so important. As Kylie says, it gives her a reason to wake up each day and purpose in her life. Fighting Chance is looking to radically change the way we look at disability, provide meaningful work opportunities that create long term benefits for both the individuals and the government through better economics.
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