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Looking for a new bike? There are a lot of great choices, and you will find many in your local bike store. But there are many outstanding bikes available that you probably wont find in your local bike store!

If your curiosity is piqued by riding something other than a mass market, and mass marketed mainstream brand, I can inform and advise you of other options. As a non stocking dealer (I don’t carry inventory) for several boutique brands, I can order in and set up a bike that is right for you, and different from everyone else.

You can chose a stock bike, or one with options for paint scheme, wheels and drivetrain, or go fully custom up to and including the geometry.

Some of the brands I represent are direct to consumer, meaning you can just buy the bike right off their website.  But they would rather channel the purchase through a bike fitter for increased confidence in size selection and bike set up. You pay the same either way.

Some of these brands say, "Find your Local Dealer" but BikeFitr is not in their dealer list.  That's because they only list dealers who carry inventory, not non-stocking dealers.

Speaking of dealers, I don’t offer “deals” because I don’t warehouse bikes I have to clear out. I offer consultation, advice and recommendations based on your needs, desires, riding intentions, and budget.  And if it wont fit you, I certainly wont recommend it. Think of me as your personal shopper for a bike.  We can discuss frame geometry and materials, drivetrains, wheelsets, gearing and color options.  I want to help you get the best bike you can.  As all services are by appointment only to ensure a focused and personal service, I invite you to book in for a Bike Buying Consultation or Pre Purchase Fitting session.

If you have a bike you want to sell in order to help finance the purchase of a new one, I can help you do that through The Pro's Closet.

2021 Update: It can take a while (weeks to months) to receive a new bike due to supply chain disruption from Covid-19, and the also the pandemic inspired boom in cycling.  Planning ahead and ordering sooner gets you in line for a frame and parts.  You will find the same story in all bikes shops.  If it is not immediately available it can be a long wait.

Argon 18 bikes in Utah

High-end and aerodynamic, Argon 18's road and triathlon bikes are designed to perform at the highest levels of international competition.

Litespeed bikes in Utah

High performance titanium bikes, manufactured and assembled in the USA.

Road, gravel, mountain.

Otso Cycles
otso bikes in utah

Gravel, Adventure and Fat bikes from the folks at Wolf Tooth components in Minnesota.  

So good, I own and ride one. #steelisreal

Parlee Cycles
Parlee bikes in utah

Road, Gravel and TT/Tri bikes from this innovative and premium  brand out of Massachusetts. Choice of stock bikes or highly customized for fit/geometry, components and paint scheme. Choose your own paint color!  Set yourself apart from the crowd.  All bikes are carbon fiber. 

Quintana Roo Tri
Quintana Roo bikes in utah

Tri bikes, period. The original tri bike brand, still at the forefront of innovation. Color and component options and choice of rim or disc brakes.

Seven Cycles

American made Custom Bicycles in Steel, Titanium and Ti/carbon mix. Custom or stock geometry, wheel and drivetrain options. These are bicycles to last a lifetime and are renowned for their ride quality.

Zinn dealers in utah

Custom bicycles made in Boulder, Colorado.  Zinn has made a name for making bikes to suit extra tall people (like himself), or extra heavy (or both!) but offers a full spectrum of bicycles (road, gravel, mountain, touring) for all bodies.  Frame material may be carbon, aluminum, steel or titanium, depending on the bike and rider.

Trade In!

For a trade in quote from The Pro's Closet on your existing bike, CLICK HERE