Bike Fitter - Job Description


At a Glance

We are looking for a cyclist who is passionate about the bike-body relationship to work as a bike fitter at our studio in Salt Lake City.  Professional Bike Fitting requires an alchemist’s blend of questioning, listening, problem solving, data collection, critical thinking, humor, bike fit education, and experience to enhance cyclists’ comfort, efficiency, enjoyment and performance.   

  • Employment status: part time initially, with opportunity to increase hours in other roles in the business
  • Location: Sugarhouse District, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Remuneration: Blend of a % of fit service revenue and hourly rate, depending on responsibilities.
  • Commencement: late winter / early spring

About the Job

You will be welcoming and assisting cyclists with a range of fit services that can include:

  • Foot assessment and measurement, including shoe purchasing advice and cleat placement, with modifications as needed to address and resolve foot issues,
  • Saddle fitting to resolve saddle discomfort,
  • Pre-purchase fitting and consultation to assist in the identification and selection of suitable bicycles for the cyclist,
  • Setting up newly purchased bikes with a suitable fit position for the rider,
  • Comprehensive fitting for resolution of bio-mechanical, contact point, or performance issues,
  • Perform related tasks including restocking retail items, maintaining Studio tidiness, following up with clients, communicating internally with other staff,
  • Separate and additional opportunities exist to be involved in inventory management, product development and assembly.

About You

  • Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to relate to a wide range of cyclists in age, issues, ability and aspirations,
  • You enjoy work that blends intellectual curiosity and problem solving with practical application requiring hands-on skills,
  • Basic bike mechanical skills to effect saddle, stem and handlebar changes as well as cleat installation. Bonus points for bar wrapping skills,
  • An understanding of human anatomy, bio-mechanics and functional movement,
  • Previous training and /or experience in bike fitting,
  • A willingness to embrace new approaches and processes in fitting,
  • Previous experience in a retail, personal services, coaching, body work or related field is a plus,
  • Attention to detail and a conscientious attitude to doing the best job possible,
  • General computer, email, word processing, and internet skills,
  • A diverse range of personal cycling experiences on different types of bikes.

About BikeFitr

BikeFitr was founded in 2014 by John Higgins who provides fitting services to local cyclists across all disciplines.  Bikefitr attracts clients from within Utah and the surrounding states due to strong word of mouth and online reviews and recommendations.

John also runs Fit Kit Systems, a boutique provider of bike fitting equipment, software, and education to both fitters and cyclists.  Fit Kit Systems was founded in 1980 and is the original bike fit company in the USA. Fit Kit Systems manufactures and distributes bike fitting equipment, with sales to cyclists and fitters throughout North American as well as to global customers.

In addition to providing personal bike fitting services, there is opportunity to be involved in Fit Kit Systems, with tasks related to products (sourcing, assembly, inventory management) and marketing.

Why Apply?

  • You know a good bike fit makes a positive difference to the riding experience.
  • You enjoy cycling and are motivated by helping other people enjoy their cycling as much as you do.
  • You want to learn more about bike fitting and have an interest in pursuing your passion in a small local business.

To Apply

Genuine interest only please.  No phone call inquiries.  Email questions or applications to:

Applications and outcome will be acknowledged.