Student Special

For High School (NICA) and Collegiate cyclists. This bike fit is intended to assess and set up the rider in a neutral position with a focus on "preventing problems".
90 minutes
$90 + tax

Initial Bike Fit

For a newly purchased bike, new or used. An initial fit establishes an appropriate seat and handlebar position based on your body proportions, strength and flexibility, and riding intentions.
90 - 120 minutes
$125 + tax

Complete Bike Fit

For an existing bike that you have ridden enough to know that something isn't quite right, or could be better. A complete bike fit may be focused on addressing a specific issue like comfort or performance.
2.5 - 3 hours (add 45 minutes for tri / TT bike)
$195 + tax (add $45 for tri / TT bike)

Additional Bikes

This is for duplicating a fit you are happy with from one bike to another bike, or fitting a second bike for the same cyclist. Note that this does not guarantee the same feeling and riding experience, since differences in geometry and components between bikes will influence the feel and quality of ride.
1.5 hours
$125 + tax

Bike Sizing

Get measured and assessed to determine the correct frame size if you are ordering a new bike, either online or from a local store. Includes time to assess and compare several makes/models that you may have in mind. May use either static body measurements and/or dynamic fit positioning aboard a Size Cycle depending on your needs and the style of bike you are getting.
60 - 90 minutes

Bike Buying Buddy

Need assistance selecting a bike to buy? I can help you narrow your search online or in a local store. This service commences with a Bike Sizing (above) and then is based on an hourly service to advise on an appropriate brand / model, frame size and components.
per request
$60 / hour

Cleat Positioning

Foot and cycle shoe assessment to determine the correct placement of cleats. Optimal positioning of the cleats, taking into account riding style, and any current feet issues. Includes forward/back location, lateral location and rotational adjustment as well as any recommendation for wedging or shimming.
45 - 60 minutes
$60 + tax. Cost of cleats or other components is additional. Additional cycle shoes for the same bike + $25 per pair.

Follow Up Sessions

Most cyclists report great improvement and satisfaction after a single fitting session, but some cyclists take longer to get dialed in, and progressive refinements to the bike set-up are needed over a period of time. The Complete Fit includes up to 3 additional fit consultations for up to 90 minutes total within the first three months following your first fit session.
$60 / hour + tax


For many cyclists, the recommended bike fit requires the fitter to change out one or more components. Most commonly this is the handlebar stem, but may be the seat, seatpost, handlebars, pedals or cleats. New shoes, shoe insoles or cleat wedges may sometimes be recommended.
Parts are not included in the service fee and are an additional charge. These may be available during the fit or can be ordered in for you, or you can source them from your preferred bike shop.
View Components carried here.

Payment Methods Accepted

card, paypal, check, cash ( but change not available)

Gift Certificates Available

Would like to gift another cyclist a bike fit? Contact me to buy a gift certificate.