• Cobb Saddles

Saddles and Cranksets for Triathletes

tri saddles


Cobb Cycling are renowned for their tri saddles and cranksets.

BikeFitr carries a selection of Cobb Demo Saddles, and stocks the most popular models.

Cranksets can be ordered in if you need a shorter crankarm length.

Performance Saddles for Tri and Road

ISM is a manufacturer of the most anatomical and comfortable bicycle saddles, meant to preserve blood flow, eliminate numbness, and improve performance.

ISM became well known for their Adamo Road saddle, which was popular with both road and tri riders. Their range of saddles have been recently updated and renamed, and feature design improvements for greater comfort.

BikeFitr carries a selection of ISM Demo Saddles for you to try out.  Find one you like and I will order it in for you and set it up.

Road bike to tri bike conversion

Redshift Sports


Redshift Sports have made it easier to use a road bike for triathlons with their unique dual position seat post and quick release aerobars.  You can achieve a good fit position for both road and tri on the the one bike, without needing to make any adjustments, and with minimal compromise.  Demo and buy Redshift Sports components in the studio.

The Saddle Choice of Champions

prologo bike seat


Prologo saddles are the choice of champions, and my own personal favorite, although generally they offer a much better fit for men than woman.

These can be ordered in and only take a day or two to arrive.

Cycling Shoes

Lake Cycling Shoes


Lake are a speciality cycle shoe brand that focus on one thing only - cycling shoes! These are premium shoes, and particularly good for riders with hard to fit feet.

Because of the wide range of models they carry across all disciplines, I order these in by request.

Pedal Innovation

Nikola pedals


Nikola Innovations Pedals increase muscle recruitment and have been demonstrated to improve cycling efficiency and increase power output. 

Available in the BikeFitr studio, or online here.

Feet Support

G8 custom insoles


G8 Performance 2620 insoles for cyclists.

Give your feet the in-shoe support they deserve with these premium semi-custom insoles featuring 5 different semi-rigid arch support heights. 

Available in the BikeFitr Studio or online here.

Feet Alignment

Bikefit products


Bikefit products include pedal spacers, shim, and wedges, which can be used to address and correct some feet alignment issues. 

Available in the BikeFitr studio. 

Pedal Spacers are available online here.

Stems and Seat Posts

Origin 8

Origin 8 stems and seatposts which offer outstanding value for money.

Redshift Triathlon dual position seat post and quick release aerobars

Redshift SHOCKSTOP stems for vibration damping.