What Is Bike Fitting?

Relationship counseling for humans who ride bicycles. A bike fitter assesses the interaction between you and your bicycle, and adjusts your bicycle to best suit your physical condition and riding intentions.

The objective is to improve the harmony between you and your bicycle, which translates to improved comfort, efficiency and performance. Adjustment's will be made to your bicycle. A cyclist's body can adapt to a bike that is not well adjusted for the rider. However, a poorly adjusted bike places greater demands and stresses on a rider's body, forcing greater adaptation. This can cause strain, discomfort, and the early onset of fatigue. Where is the cycling fun if you're dealing with this?

However sometimes the issue is with the cyclist's body more so than the bike. The fitting may include bringing awareness to your riding posture and technique, and recommendations may be made to see a physical therapist, sports massage specialist or trainer/coach for additional support.

When Should I Consider a Bike Fit?